Signs of a good IT Recruitment Agency

The Lucky Hunter experience
A very pleasant and significant event has happened recently, and it's our pleasure to share it with you: our regular client, with whom we have been working for a very long time, approved exclusive terms of cooperation for us as a contractor who always proves high results and an excellent quality of services.

This really means a lot to us, because it shows that it is not for nothing that one of the key values of our technical recruitment agency is exceptional expertise and focus on results. Therefore, we are very happy and ready to conquer new horizons!

Developing the topic of efficiency and expertise, today we will share with you our experience, how can you determine a good IT recruitment agency and make the right choice, because a lot depends on it, starting from your company's business processes and ending with the prompt and effective filling of job openings. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a reliable contractor?

Relevant experience

Pay attention to how many tech recruiting agency exists, study the information about the founders — it is usually presented on the website. This will give you a chance to learn how long the agency has been on the market, how high the expertise of its founders is and what professional experience they have.

However, you should not limit yourself to just studying information about the CEO or the founders of the agency: as a rule, many sites have a page about the whole team, where you can learn more about recruiters, see which profiles each of them works with and which cases can be found on the site.

Competitive portfolio

We mentioned the cases for a reason: they perfectly allow you to navigate which job openings and how the agency is able to fill, how it works with clients, and what complex and non-standard requests the IT recruitment agency has worked with.
In addition to the cases, also pay attention to the clients with whom the agency worked.
Usually on the website you can find a section dedicated to the list of customers. It is a good sign if there are large companies among them: it means that they trust this IT recruiting agency to perform tech recruitment for them.

Adequate terms of cooperation

See what terms of cooperation the agency offers. For example, in what time frame does the contractor promise to fill the job opening? Too short like 1-2 days, as a rule, indicate that, most likely, this does not correspond to the truth: after all, IT recruiting does not consist in throwing a pile of suitable CVs at the client.

The agency's IT recruiters discuss a vacancy, study the profiles of potential candidates, conduct an initial selection, send relevant CVs to namechecks and coordinate with the customer the further stages of selection — all this takes time, and it is usually physically impossible to fill a vacancy qualitatively in a couple of days.
As a rule, the average time for filling a job opening is from a week to a month, depending on the specifics of a particular position. For example, our IT recruitment agency usually fills job openings in a maximum of two weeks, which we are very proud of :)
Also note what else is included in the services of the IT agency. For example, are there guarantees? This is also an important point, because in IT recruiting a lot depends on the human factor, in addition, there can always be unexpected circumstances that cannot be foreseen.

Candidate replacement guarantee help the customer to significantly minimize the risks in such cases: as a rule, the period during which the IT recruitment agency is obliged to replace the candidate free of charge is written in the contract at the start of cooperation (for example, we have 60 days from the date of the candidate's employment), if for some reason the paths of the client and the selected candidate diverge after the start of collaboration.

Availability of competent approaches

How does the IT recruitment agency work? Clarify about the approaches that recruiters use in their work. A good agency carefully discusses a vacancy, creates a portrait of the desired candidate, develops a search strategy for a specific client's case, works on an effective strategy for motivating candidates, and keeps in touch with the customer at any stage.

In addition, an expert tech recruitment agency can competently evaluate the client's recruiting processes and, if necessary, make recommendations on their optimization and elimination of bottlenecks that may interfere with the effective filling of job openings: for example, a large test task or too many selection stages.

Recommendations and good reputation

Word of mouth works great in many fields, and IT recruiting is no exception. If the search for developers and technical recruitment is relevant for your business, ask colleagues and acquaintances to recommend proven contractors with whom they have worked in this field.
In IT, reputation solves if not everything, then a lot, so if an agency has a tarnished reputation, it pops up almost immediately.
Look for reviews and posts about it on LinkedIn or Facebook, and also study specialized online review resources.

A good IT recruiting agency is very sensitive to its reputation and prefers to work with the same customers, avoiding cooperation with companies from the shadow zone, or those caught in major scandals and unfair treatment of employees.

Similar mindset

This item rather complements all the others. It cannot be said that the presence of a similar mindset and the same views on processes guarantees that an IT recruitment agency is definitely good — rather, it will help to make a choice after analyzing other points that we discussed above.

Why? For example, a tech recruitment agency may be suitable in all respects, but at the same time, during the first call, you will understand that your views on partnership and priorities are somewhat different. What should you do in this case? To look further for exactly your perfect match, because the effectiveness of your joint work depends on it.
Therefore, we always pay attention to initial calls with potential clients, where both sides have a chance to get to know each other better and decide how comfortable cooperation will be for them.
So, among the main principles that we always adhere to in our work is the principle of partnership based on mutual respect and willingness to listen to each other, act together and look for compromises, as well as transparent communication and open discussion of controversial issues, which allows us to interact productively and, as a result, effectively organize work processes.

We hope our article has helped you navigate how to find the IT recruiting agency of your dreams and what to pay attention to :)

If you are looking for a contractor who will perform recruitment in the IT field, we will be glad to get to know you better. Fill the form below and we will contact you soon!

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