The specifics
of the IT industry

The IT sphere is very sensitive to any world changes. Most often, these changes relate more to business processes. In unstable, unpredictable situations, the typical reaction of many IT companies is the creation of more comfortable conditions for employees, adaptation of the technologies to changes, and striving to maintain the need for products among users in new conditions.

Today we are observing unique reactions of companies working in the tech industry. They are unique because many companies are not only trying to adapt to new conditions, but also reconstructing the fundamental principles that exist in the IT community. Among these principles are tolerance, progressiveness, orientation to the skills and abilities of specialists before everything else.

In this article, we decided to remind you of the key features of the IT industry, those because of which this industry has always been considered one of the most promising and progressive spheres in the world.

Tech sphere VS other spheres: what's the difference?

The main difference of the IT sphere is that it is one of the most tolerant spheres. It doesn't matter what gender or age a person is, what nationality, race and skin color he/she has. First of all, hiring managers in the tech sphere look at the skills of a specialist.
That is why everyone involved in the field of IT has always been distinguished by an unbiased attitude towards candidates, were ready to consider aged or, vice versa - very young specialists, did not treat female developers with prejudice, did not take into account political, religious and any other beliefs of a person.
Another unique and rather interesting difference in the IT industry is that IT professionals do not work for a specific company or country. Due to the high shortage of specialists in the market, we can state with confidence that IT specialists are professionals who work for the benefit of the entire industry, choosing the most necessary and breaktrough products.
The job change in the tech sphere should be considered as a "service" (not just work), as specialists harness their skills in a place that stands in need of them more.
Therefore, we have always been really proud of the fact that we are related to such a developed civilized industry, proudly calling ourselves "tech guys".

What's going on right now?

Unfortunately, things have changed a lot these days. We have noticed an increase in discrimination against Russian-speaking candidates. So, for example, we faced a very depressing case in our practice.

One British company, which was a Lucky Hunter client for many years, actively hired specialists from Russia and Belarus and was satisfied with the quality of work and the cost of services of professionals in the market, after the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in no time closed its office in St. Petersburg and fired all Russian-speaking specialists.
The specialists not only lost their jobs, but also did not get time to look for a new one, and they did not get any compensation. The client stopped cooperation with our company.
We believe that these actions can be regarded as discrimination against certain nations, which is uncorrect, especially in such a developed area as IT. We were very disappointed by what happened to good, talented specialists, so we decided to tell you about this story, show that now the politics of many companies have lost their sanity and desire for objectivity.

Of course, we understand the prerequisites and reasons for such behavior, but still, it seems to us that such new "rules" are incorrect toward professionals and we hope that soon everything will normalize to an even keel, and we will once again be able to be proud that we work in the tech sphere.

Just reminding....

IT is one of the most tolerant spheres. When many women are still fighting for equal rights at work, fighting for equal salaries and working conditions, in IT the fair sex has long been working in the same conditions, actively getting jobs and receiving decent salaries.

While in other countries there are still difficulties with working from anywhere in the world, many IT professionals change cities and countries working from anywhere they want, working asynchronously and for the benefit of the global community, without identifying themselves with certain companies or corporations.

We can tell you about many cases that will prove that IT is ahead of other shperes, and we ask you to remember this, remain human in any situation, show respect and sympathy for everyone who has been touched by this story.

We believe that sanity and intelligence will win someday.

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