Lucky Hunter Herald: How 2021 Started for Us

Spring has come just recently, and we at Lucky Hunter already have a whole whirlwind of events and plans! We've launched a new website, actively increase our team, dance at corporate parties to the songs of cool rock musicians, speak at TED conferences and much more!

In the article, we've decided to share some hot news and no less hot photos of our team with you :)

Lucky Hunter Team

So many significant changes took place at Lucky Hunter in just a few months. A new IT Recruiter Yana has recently joined our team. Very soon we'll tell you about Yana on the pages of our social networks: subscribe to our social media, if you haven't done it yet!

We also have cool and unique growth within our team. Our irreplaceable Julia (Head's Personal Assistant) now works at Lucky Hunter as a Junior PR Manager. If you are subscribed to our social networks, you must've noted that we've done some serious work on the style of our posts. So, these are the first, but very successful steps in the visualization of our brand of international IT recruitment agency!
IT recruitment agency for recruiting technoloy specialists for companies hiring developers Lucky Hunter team
While actively developing intensively, we continue to develop extensively. Right now we are looking for a specialist for the position of an IT Researcher. Long live even more lucky ones in our team!
P.S. do you know a smart, courageous and skilful professional who speaks English on a high level? Be sure to let us know: we are open to any recommendations :)

Well, and of course, we want to boast about the fact that now a real man's man Georgy works at Lucky Hunter. Now he is still a Junior, but we wait expectantly when he'll become a true Senior :)
The first Lucky Hunter man

Lucky Hunter Corporate party

Spring has just come, and we've already had time to go out to a corporate party. We had everything we could wish for: live rock music, dancing, delicious food and wine, gifts, and, of course, a great mood!
We are very grateful to our Yulia for organizing the party, and, of course, we are happy that we have such a progressive and extraordinary boss! Tanya prepared a lot of original surprises for us and added charm to Friday evening :)
Tanya's gifts include individual travel mugs with the faces of our team. Here are these funny illustrations that decorate our mugs :)
The illustrations were created by the wonderful master Julia! Contact this real deal for any art-based questions. Here's the Link to Julia's Instagram.

And here are some photos from the corporate party:

IT staffing: our Clients

The pool of our clients is constantly growing. Every year we have more and more reliable clients. Among them are Avito, RAD, Appfollow, Cloudlinux, Biganto, BestDoctor and many others.

Our new clients are breakthrough IT startups and large IT companies with inspiring products. Among them are:
    The omnichannel cloud communications platform for developers and businesses alike.
  • TunnelTech
    A company for the development of vertical wind tunnels based on unique IT technologies. The company develops its own projects, helps businesses from all over the world to launch their own wind tunnels based on TunnelTech developments.
  • Space 307
    Multidisciplinary tech company. Space 307's developments include an e-wallet, data analysis tools, an educational platform, and games.
  • Exos Financial
    Exos has built a next-gen platform for B2B institutional finance. A platform designed to deliver all the services of a traditional investment bank, reimagined and tailored to a modern digital world, all integrated into a powerful, modern technology platform driven by data and data science.
  • Intentomatic
    Intentomatic is a SaaS company that develops a new B2B marketing solution, helping companies from all over the world to track the signals that predict potential buyer intent, personalize every outbound message and keep abreast of important events in the life of the target audience.
  • SperaSoft
    Leading company in the development of computer video games. The company's offices are located in the USA, Russia and Poland.
Follow the news about our clients on social networks :)

IT recruitment: Plans

Our Lucky Hunter's plans never cease to be ambitious and daring:
  • Awards
    In mid-March, we are awaiting for the results of the nomination for the UK's leading tech recruiting award. Keep your fingers crossed for us.
  • Conferences
    At the end of March, our boss Tatiana Melnichuk will speak at the TEDx conference in two cities at once! We'll tell you what Tatiana's going to speak about, follow our news. Let's say it will be really hot!
  • Projects
    And, of course, we continue to develop our new project CVHub. We've already passed through the first tests of the service, the first positive reviews and full access requests. Our next step is the real fight for getting investments in the startup battle organized by Delovoy Petersburg!

If we can help you, please contact us. We will do our best to assist you. This also applies to specialists: if you are looking for a job abroad, or experience hardship, send your CV to We will try to help you. But we are forced to clarify that this applies only to employees working in the IT sphere, since we specialize only in this area.

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