Hot days in Lucky Hunter: what's going on in our agency right now?

For several weeks it has been really hot in St. Petersburg, but it's even hotter in Lucky Hunter :) We do not stop at the achieved goals, we are actively growing, developing, making huge plans for the future.

So, what's happening at Lucky Hunter right now? Don't miss out on exclusive news: we are sharing the latest events in our new article!
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Lucky Hunter Team

Just three months ago, two professionals joined the team of Lucky Hunter: IT recruiter Katya and IT researcher Karina. Lucky Hunter has acquired wonderful professionals who are ready to cope with any difficulties.

Just three months ago, the probation started for these girls, and today we are glad about its successful completion. We believe that such cool specialists, wonderful colleagues, and great girls will be with us for years. Congratulations!
But do not think this is all about expansion: we at Lucky Hunter are not going to stop expanding our staff: quite recently, another specialist has joined us – the breathtaking Alika, who took the position of an IT researcher.
We are sure that Alika will fit perfectly into our team, easily work with our most experienced employee – Dasha, and will get only positive emotions from working in our team!
IT Researcher
IT Recruiter
Kovalenok Karina
Katerina Ilyushchenko
Alika Khanova
IT Researcher
Such a number of new employees cannot but motivate us to expand physically as well: we have already started looking for a more spacious office, but, of course, on the territory of our beloved Petrogradka. We believe that our cozy place is already waiting for us, and all we need is just to find it :)

And, of course, we remind you that we are still looking for a recruiter and a content manager. And to make you sure that work with us is a great pleasure here is a video presentation of the company so that you can see it for yourself :)
P.S. Do not forget to recommend us to your friends and colleagues, perhaps a new lucky one is hiding somewhere around, and just doesn't know about it yet :)

Corporate party

We at Lucky Hunter know how to work and how to relax, so we held one of the best corporate events in recent years: our whole friendly team went to a country cottage on the banks of the Vuoksa river for the whole weekend!
Emotional meeting at the campfire, relaxing in a jacuzzi, barbecues, and vegetables on the grill, swimming in the river, riding sup-surfing, delicious food and drinks – all this is just a small part of what we have managed to do in a few days of our corporate party.
We are very grateful to our world-best boss, Tanya, for such a great opportunity, amazing team building, and such a wonderful time that we had as a team. Tanya, thank you very much for perhaps one of the best weekends of the year!

According to our tradition, we attach some of the best photos of our hot team :)

Lucky Hunter Clients

Having a great rest and holding corporate parties in the open air, we never forget to provide the best services so that the coolest clients address us. Let's talk a little about the companies we work with right now:
  • Sbermarket
    Online service for the delivery of groceries and goods from store shelves. The service is based on the platform of Sberbank. Was created in 2013 based on the technological platform of the Russian startup Instamart.
  • Tinkoff Bank
    Russian commercial bank operating entirely in a remote mode. Initially, we worked with Tinkoff. Investments, but since we know how to provide a great service, we began to find IT specialists for the bank itself.
  • Cordles
    Customer support platform bridging the gap between voice and text
  • ERG service
    It's the centralized service company of the Eurasian Group, engaged in the manufacture, maintenance, and operation of equipment, keeping, and developing repair and auxiliary processes.
These new clients of Lucky Hunter are real giants in the IT field, and we are very glad to cooperate with the leading companies in the IT industry. But of course, we continue to work actively with our other clients, providing not only the traditional IT recruiting service but some others as well, including Lucky Hunter research.

TIBO conference

In early June, our team managed to attend the largest IT conference in Belarus, TIBO.

The TIBO Forum is a unique platform for the exchange of advanced international experience, generation of innovative knowledge, and discussion of mechanisms for introducing the latest technological trends in various spheres of economy, business, and life of modern society.
We are very grateful for the invitation to such a significant conference, we are glad to get such an invaluable experience, and, of course, to acquire valuable, useful contacts.

Other news


We do not stand still in our development, and constantly improve the quality of our services. As a result, we have a lot of new clients, constant staff expansion, enter new markets, and increase the available resources. Such work cannot pass without leaving a trace, so we have once again broken the company's turnover record!
We believe that such rapid growth will allow us to reach the heights in the world of IT recruiting, making Lucky Hunter not only one of the leading Russian companies, but also one of the best around the world.


Another great news: our boss Tanya was officially approved by the Forbes Councils community. It was not easy, but the deep expertise and knowledge of our founder allowed us to become part of an exclusive business community.

Soon you will see some new Tanya publications in the American edition of Forbes, and, of course, worldwide recognition. Tanya, congratulations on joining the club. You are our star! Hooray!

Social projects

Even though we always have a lot of things to do, still we manage to do some socially useful things, including landscaping the area around our office. Every year we plant a tree and believe that such a small deed will help our city to remain an eternally green, well-tended place.

P.S. We are already making great plans for greening the entire planet :)

TEDx. Kazan

Recently we have informed you that very soon our leader Tanya will speak at a conference in Kazan. We have officially agreed on the performance: so you can expect a lot of useful information, a cool, high-quality video (after all, we will record it in the studio) and the worldwide fame of Lucky Hunter (we are preparing the speech in English) :)

Rating of the best IT recruiting agencies

Recently, we have once again convinced that we are providing truly high-quality services: Lucky Hunter was included in the rating of the best IT recruiting agencies in Russia, and we have not even known about that :)
This is another proof of the fact that high-quality and responsible work always pays off!

IT recruiting: Plans

As always, we at Lucky Hunter have great ambitious plans: in addition to constantly growing, hiring new employees, moving to a more spacious office, we are going to engage actively in socially significant things, make presentations at conferences, and plant trees.

And, of course, we are looking forward to fully assimilating with the people of London :)

And if right now you are looking for a cool IT employee for your team, we will be glad to help you in this difficult but very exciting business. Remember that we provide great startups with equally great discounts :)

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