Speed of recruiting tech specialists

Top 4 reasons why it is important to find specialists quickly
One of the key advantages of Lucky Hunter is a quick selection of candidates, we were able to fill complex vacancies in 10, 14, and even 4 days. Why are we so passionate about the speed of developers' hiring?

It would seem that you can deliberately look through the specialists' CVs, schedule interviews only at a convenient time for you and be sure that your candidate will definitely be interested in the position, because you have a rather attractive opening.

So why the rush? Does the speed of hiring developers really affect success, or is it all a bluff created by agencies seeking to form a competitive advantage? Let's discuss the issue in the article.

What does the speed of candidate selection have an impact on?

In fact, the speed of selection is one of the most important criteria for success in recruiting. If you do not have well-established recruitment processes, and you do not have the ability to quickly process candidates and make a decision on offer making, you risk not only working on the task longer, but not finding an employee at all. Why will this happen?

A long search throws cold water on the candidate interest

Slowly processing candidates' CVs, coordinating interviews for a long time and responding to candidates' messages every few days, you risk throwing cold water on the candidates' interest.
It is especially sad that even the most motivated specialists are likely to reluctant to work in your company, frustrated by the long wait for company decisions and unpredictability.

Your ideal candidate will go to work for another company

Your time delay is a success for your competitors. While you are only forming an offer and considering the work conditions, your finalist may well sign an offer from the company that was able to make it faster.

This story is especially popular in the tech sphere: most often, the company that managed to send an offer attracts the best specialists to work for their companies.

Your company's HR brand will suffer

Long recruitment is fraught with dissatisfaction on the part of candidates. You must admit that nobody likes the exhaustive process and the lack of understanding of what to do next.

This is exactly what candidates can write about your company in reviews or refuse to consider a suitable vacancy, simply remembering past interaction experience.
An HR brand is an important component of the company's image, so it is important to ensure that employees, including potential employees, should be satisfied with cooperation, even if it was rather short.

There won't be any development of your business

And, finally, a long search for a specialist will also affect your business processes. The team boosts your company progress, and its rapid and high-quality expansion contributes to the rapid scaling of the company and its turnover increase.

A long search for an employee will stop the development of your business, but think about how much new and useful a specialist could do for you and your company!
As you can see, speed is your weapon in recruiting. Proper use of this tool guarantees the hiring of a cool specialist and a good reputation for your company. Therefore, we recommend doing your best to fill vacancies quickly and efficiently.

The average rate of filling vacancies in the tech field

On average, we fill IT vacancies in 14-25 days. Deviations from these figures are possible if the working conditions or the position itself for which the employee is being sought are specific and go beyond the realities of the market.

In exceptional cases, when we are searching for a unique specialist, the search may take 6-8 months, and this can also be normal, but only in the case of Executive Search.

We at Lucky Hunter on average fill a vacancy in 10-18 days, and most recently we found a specialist in just 4 days! Contact us if you need to find tech staff. We'll even find a unicorn for you!

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