How much does tech talents recruitment cost?

We continue to guide you through the world of IT recruitment and talk about how everything works. Today we are answering a very relevant question — how much does the tech recruitment service actually cost?

Let's talk about what makes up the cost of IT recruiting agencies, what nuances are worth paying attention to and at what stages of cooperation the payment is made.

Technical recruitment agency: what influences the price of tech staff recruitment?


As a rule, most IT recruitment agencies specialize only in tech staff recruitment. They fill precisely IT job openings and help to find even rare talents. Technical recruiters of recruitment agencies know how and where to search for tech talents, so they manage to perform expert recruitment in the field of IT in a short time and at a high level. Do not assume that all the work of recruitment agencies is based on simply sending relevant CVs to the client — the agency's IT recruiters do the initial selection of candidates, including not only working with CVs, but also conducting interviews and building a competent motivation strategy to interest specialists in the client's job opening.
Tech recruiters analyze in details the candidate's soft skills, their strengths and growth areas, determine how much their professional background and talents meet the requirements for a particular position.
The work and expertise of a tech recruitment agency does not end with providing inhouse HRs with relevant candidates: recruitment agencies guide the candidate through all stages of the funnel together with the client, promptly give feedback, help coordinate interviews with finalists and form a competitive job offer.

In addition, the high expertise of the agency's recruiters can help in optimizing the company's recruitment processes — so, if necessary, a technical recruitment agency will identify bottlenecks in the selection and help improve them in order not to lose candidates and more efficiently fill job openings. What could be the bottlenecks? For example, a test assignment or too many selection stages, which also negatively affects the speed of filling job openings.

Technical talents recruitment: the specifics of the request

When we say that we will even find a unicorn for a client in the IT market, we are not joking :) Often the customer needs professionals rare enough — it can be a candidate with outstanding experience or a non-standard technology stack.

Filling such job opening can take a lot of time for inhouse recruiters, while an IT recruitment agency usually has its own candidate base of talented professionals of rare profiles, as well as experience in working with complex positions.


As we have already mentioned, a technical recruitment agency differs from a freelancer recruiter by the ability to use many recruiting services at the same time. This includes their own candidate database, the benefits of which we discussed above, and CRM systems, job boards and specialized recruiting resources — for example, AmazingHiring, created specifically for the selection of IT personnel.

As a rule, a tech recruitment agency has more resources for prompt and effective work than a freelancer, and this also affects the next point — the speed of filling the job opening.

The speed of IT staff recruitment

Speed plays a vital role in the final cost of technical recruitment agency services. The use of many channels and recruiting services at once, as well as high expertise, allow IT recruiters of tech recruitment agencies to fill job openings as quickly as possible: for example, Lucky Hunter fills the job opening from 4 days to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the position.

When should I pay for the technical talents recruitment services?

Usually, an IT recruitment agency works without prepayment — the service is considered completed after the candidate starts working. Moreover, most tech recruitment agencies provide replacement guarantees — a time period during which a specialist is replaced free of charge if for some reason they did not stay in the company. This period is usually fixed in the contract and may vary slightly from agency to agency: so, we replace the candidate within 60 working days after they start work.
Payment for the services of a technical recruitment agency is a percentage of the annual salary of the specialist. The percentage, again, may differ in various recruitment agencies — for example, at our agency it ranges from 19% to 23% and depends on the factors listed above: the specifics of the request, the time frame in which it is necessary to fill the job opening, the profile of the candidate. So, finding a tech talent for a top-level position will cost more.
In general, each IT recruitment agency is aimed at long-term cooperation and tries to provide the service at the highest possible level so that the partnership is productive and fruitful. At Lucky Hunter, we often focus on the fact that we adhere to the principle of partnership, and these are not just words: technical recruitment is based on interaction with people (both with the client and with candidates), so it is important that all participants in the process look in the same direction, openly and honestly discuss controversial issues and look for solutions together. Only in this case you achieve will a really well-coordinated and effective work.

If you have never applied to an IT recruitment agency and are just starting to choose a suitable contractor, read our other articles: we told how tech recruitment agencies work in general, what are the main stages of IT recruitment, and also why IT recruiting is cyclical :)

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