Lucky Hunter Celebrates the 3rd Anniversary

Summing up the Results of the Year
2020 is nearly over: someone hopes that 2021 will be better, someone is sceptical about the formal change of the calendar year, and we at Lucky Hunter are just happy because our company celebrates the third anniversary!

So many significant events have happened, so many take-offs that sometimes came at a heavy price.

Summing up the results of the year: let's refresh our memory on what we had to go through, what we've achieved and, of course, what's going to happen next. Inside the article, there are exclusive photos from the corporate party, that are charged for good luck, as well as mega-cool videos that won't leave anyone indifferent :)
Tatiana Melnichuk. IT recruitment agency for recruiting technoloy specialists for companies hiring developers Lucky Hunter


In 2020, Lucky Hunter has officially entered the international market! We started a collaboration with the RSI London team, published joint brand articles, and launched a separate project for Britain.

This partnership is an important breakthrough for our team: we know that we are able to implement complex and ambitious tasks, we are always on the go, are constantly looking for new development paths, and this is great!


Perhaps, each of us had a difficult time in 2020: the global pandemic and crisis hit our confidence in the future. We admit that at the very beginning we also had a hard time: many of our clients temporarily put the hiring processes on hold, so we had to change the work formats in a short time and, looked for new ways of our business development.

Therefore, it is very important to keep track of what former or current employees write about your company and respond to negative reviews in due time.
Despite the remote work, we drifted together during the pandemic: we celebrated birthdays, went to a cafe (observing all precautions), created videos, arranged surprises for our Tanya (and visa versa) :)
The pandemic became an important stage for us: it gave a huge rise to the development of our business, and all this is because we worked harder, more zealously, weren't afraid of challenges and, as a result, achieved better results!


The main proof of our work quality is our dear clients. It's especially pleasant when people contact us on recommendations: this shows that we provide a quality service.

2020 brought us a lot of great clients! Among them are:
  • Think-cell
    PowerPoint software.
  • Best Doctor
    A medical startup that has built an IT platform for employee health management.
  • IZI Safety
    A web platform designed to manage HSE competencies on the field.
  • CloudLinux
    A Linux distribution marketed to shared hosting providers.
  • Evave
    This is an Australian company that helps businesses solve complex problems: from marketing and brand promotion to market research and business development consulting.
This isn't a complete list of clients. Cooperating with new clients, we continue to work together with long-time ones. We are very glad that we are entrusted with challenging work, and we successfully complete the most ambitious tasks:)


The outgoing year was perhaps the most eventful for the Lucky Hunter team. Five "lucky ones" celebrated the second anniversary in the company, and those who have just recently celebrated the first year of work for Lucky Hunter, run the gamut from novice specialists to real professionals in the field in a record time!

In addition, a new IT Recruiter, Alina, has joined the ranks of our team. Alina is a cool specialist and the real deal. The expansion of our team, and especially with such pros like Alina, is precisely good news :)
In addition to informal meetings (birthdays, going to the theatre, evening gatherings in the office), in 2020 we hung out at 4 corporate parties! In the spring we went to a drawing master class, in the summer we rested, sang and danced a lot on one of the rooftops of St. Petersburg, in the autumn we spent time together in honour of Halloween!

In 2020 our team was also nominated for the international Recruiter Investing in Talents Award in the category "Best IT Recruitment Team of the Year". This is a significant breakthrough for us, and we are sure: in the future, we'll go the extra mile to become the winners! :)
We also made gifts for you: created branded Masks on Instagram, made a set of comic sketches. Use them in good health!

CVHub & KNBattle

If last year we launched the Zero2Hero project, then this year we decided not to rest on our oars and launched several new projects at once: a special service for tech recruiting CVHub, which received a large number of positive responses, as well as a new online game in casual style KNBattle.


We have far-reaching plans (as usual :)) We'll continue to capture new markets, win at international Awards, speak at conferences and on TV.

We've already achieved great success, but we are sure that in 2021 Lucky Hunter will become one of the key companies in the world of IT recruiting. Keep your fingers crossed and wait for the news!

And, of course, we'll actively develop all of our projects!
Dear friends, colleagues, clients!

Thank you very much for standing side by side, for believing in us and supporting us in all our endeavours. We wouldn't have achieved such cool results without you.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. We wish you success, health, happiness! Hurrah!

P.S. Don't leave the page! Rather watch the New Year's greetings from our Boss :) We guarantee you a great mood after watching :)

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