TOP 7 Most in-demand Tech Professions of 2020: According to Lucky Hunter and Stackoverflow Statistics

About a year ago, we made a list of the most popular IT specialities. The list includes a cybersecurity engineer, full-stack developer, machine learning engineer, DevOps, Embedded developer, as well as some other specialists.

Today the list can be securely sent to the archive since the tech sphere is changing in lightning speed: new programming languages, tools, frameworks, and professions appear nearly every day. Keeping up with the times and trying for you: presenting you an updated list of high demanded IT professions.

The data's been collected on the basis of:
  • 1
    Statistics of an international job board - Indeed;
  • 2
    A platform for developers' communication - Stackoverflow;
  • 3
    The statistics of the Lucky Hunter agency.

7. Data Engineer

Data Engineers are specialists who build a reliable infrastructure for data, ensuring their delivery, storage and processing. Data engineers are responsible for a comfortable environment for the work of Data Analysts and Data Scientists. According to Indeed, there are 87,968 openings for Data Engineers worldwide.

Interestingly, over the past year, the demand for Data Engineers has grown by 45% according to

What is the reason for the popularity increase?

We believe that it's black and white: with the increase in the number of technology companies, the staff expansion and the subsequent need for the employment of Analysts to evaluate the work of the business, companies also hire Data Engineers - the key Analysts' assistants.

6. Analysts in IT

Who are Analysts in IT?

We won't go to the heart of the matter: let's just brief on the question. There are a great many analysts, such as Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Big Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and even Virus Analysts.

The key similarity between the roles is their task. They should analyze existing information about a product or company, identify optimal solutions and be able to predict results.
  • For example, Business Analysts are engaged in problem solutions of the business as a whole, and therefore most of them are often well-versed in marketing.
  • Systems Analysts are engaged in IT-products, are well-versed in programming and development challenges and skillfully deal with them thanks to market analysis.
  • Viral Analysts come from the cybersecurity, understand information technology as well as programming, can predict the emergence of new viruses and ways of being infected by them.
By the way, according to Stackoverflow, Analysts are often in an active job search. The reason is dissatisfaction with the current place of employment.

5. Product Manager

Perhaps everyone has heard about the Product Manager role. Sometimes people fool around them with Project Managers, but the fact remains: with the appearance of new products within large companies (for example, Yandex.Telemost or Yandex Lavka) and the growth of technology startups, the need for a person responsible for the result of the whole product increases. And this specialist is the Product manager.

Do you want to know what is the difference between Product and Project Managers? Follow our news: very soon we'll write an article on the topic :)

Well, speaking about statistics, we should notice that on Indeed we can find 8,062 active job openings for the position of Product Manager.

4. Ruby on Rails Developers

Specialists working with the Ruby on Rails framework have long been in demand, and in 2020 the demand for them remains at a fairly high level. This isn't surprising: Ruby on Rails is used in the creation of such popular websites as Twitter, Netflix, SoundCloud, Airbnb, Github.

Ruby on Rails developers are in the TOP of the most demanded languages also according to Forbes by being ranked 10 in the rating.
Despite the high demand for Ruby on Rails specialists, according to Stackoverflow, the rating of Ruby on Rails slightly decreased compared to last year. Go - one of the fastest-growing programming languages in popularity has taken its place.

3. Go (Golang) Developers

The sharp increase in the popularity of Go language began in 2017, and by 2020 it has reached its peak. According to Stackoverflow, Go move up (from 10 to 5) on the rating list of the best loved programming languages among developers.

It's only part of the story: today, Go developers are in the TOP-3 of the highest-paid specialists after Perl and Scala programmers. According to Lucky Hunter statistics, Go developers take the first position.

2. Python Developers

There is no doubt that Python developers won't stay without work: we can find 50,096 openings on Indeed.

We believe that the high demand for Python programmers won't decrease in the coming years because the largest IT companies such as Google (some parts of Youtube), Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook use the language to implement their decisions.

1. Android Developers

According to Indeed, as well as the Lucky Hunter statistics, the demand for Android developers, is slightly higher than the demand for iOS developers. That is why we are talking about Android developers and not mobile developers in general.

In addition, according to Stackoverflow, Android is ranked 5 in the list of the most frequently used platforms. By contrast, iOS takes the 11th position.

Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
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We hope you liked our small report and you learned something new :) If you are searching for an IT professional, contact the Lucky Hunter agency: we'll find suitable candidates as soon as possible, regardless their high demand for them in the market.

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