The top IT jobs for the end of 2021

The IT market develops regularly — in this regard, it also changes, adapting to new realities. There are a lot of changes going on: it can be difficult to monitor all of them, so we have prepared an article for you about trends in the IT market at the moment.

We will tell you what has changed, which IT professions have increased in demand, which, on the contrary, have become slightly less popular, and also talk about forecasts for the near future.

Classics is never out of time

Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, C# developers are still in demand (and this trend is unlikely to change soon). So, Python still holds the first place in the PYPL rating — this index determines the popularity of a programming language based on the number of queries in the Google search.
Such a demand for Python is explained by its wide range of application: even such large corporations as Google, IBM, Yahoo and Microsoft use this programming language.
However, the situation with PHP developers has changed a bit: the TIOBE rating suggests that today PHP has dropped to the last place in the top 10 most popular programming languages. For comparison, in November 2020, it took 8th place, having now lost two positions.
At the same time, the demand for C++ and C# has grown — both of these programming languages have risen in the ratings comparing to previous years. This is also happening for the reason that the game development industry is actively developing now, and most of the "large-scale" games are written in C++ and C#.

According to the international job search portal Indeed, the average annual salary of a C++ developer is 118,475$, the average annual salary of a Java developer is 100 291$.
Golang, in turn, remains a popular programming language, and there are still very few Go developers :)

Gamedev Professions

The gamedev industry is growing rapidly and new companies (both foreign and Russian) are entering the market. In this regard, the following IT specialists are in great demand today: game designer, game analyst, narrative designer, QA, Unity developer.
In the experience of Lucky Hunter, it is most difficult to find game designers and game analysts — now there are especially few such specialists, and in the conditions of an already acute shortage of personnel in the IT market, the search becomes a real test (for a recruiter) :)
QA in general is now in demand not only for gaming corporations, but also for a variety of IT companies, like the firms offering digital solutions for business. According to the Indeed portal, the average annual salary of a QA engineer today is 72,108$.

Machine learning engineer

Artificial intelligence is now becoming an important part into more and more areas: recently we even wrote about examples of its use in the field of art. Therefore, the demand for machine learning engineers has increased — however, this IT profession is quite young, which also greatly affects the number of such specialists in the IT market.

For machine learning engineers, there are a number of "classic" programming languages that employers expect the candidates to know: for example, Java, Python, C++. However, there are other requirements: for example, in our practice there was a case of selecting a machine learning engineer in a team for a client who, among the usual requirements, wanted a potential employee to know of Ruby on Rails.
By the way, the demand for Ruby developers has also increased — in the TIOBE rating it has risen from 15th to 13th place in popularity.

Other relevant professions on the IT market today

It should also be mentioned that UX/UI designers, as well as mobile developers, are still in demand (according to Indeed statistics, the average annual salary of an Android developer today is 118,393$, and 116,279$ for an iOS developer): in order to remain competitive in today's age of digitalization, almost every company has its own mobile app.
So for productive interaction with customers, it is important that this app not only functions perfectly, but also is convenient for users.
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