Top 10 websites for posting your job opening

Tips from the IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter
Now there are more and more opportunities to publish job openings, so that candidates find the vacancy of their dreams faster, and recruiters receive responses faster. However, sometimes it seems that there are too many different job boards and it can be difficult to figure out which sites it makes sense to focus on first.

Therefore, we recommend the top 10 sites and resources for posting your job opening, if you need to do tech recruitment — save this article and share with colleagues!

A telegram channel that is great to use if you are interested in candidates from Eastern Europe — this messenger is one of the most popular there, especially among representatives of the IT community.

The placement of job openings in the channel is free, you just need to fill out the Google form specified in the profile. The audience is quite large, the focus is on remote work, so if your vacancy involves remote, be sure to post there. You can immediately specify your direct contact for responses, which greatly simplifies communication with potential candidates.

A website from the same creators we talked about above. You can also post job openings on the site for free. The emphasis is on globalization and internationality, so you can search for candidates from anywhere in the world.

A Telegram channel for posting job openings with relocation. You can also specify a direct contact for responses, it is necessary to send job openings to the chat specified in the channel profile.

An international job board for finding candidates and employers in the field of game development (from C++ developers to content marketers). You can post job openings, as well as search through the database of candidates for talents of the profile needed. Even such giants of the global gaming industry as EA and Riot Games post their vacancies on the site, so if you still doubt whether this is a good job board, do not hesitate :)

A great resource for recruiters from IT startups who are looking for staff. There are about 8 million IT talents of different profiles in the database, so if your beginner project is expanding and you need to find a developer and recruit tech talents, pay attention to this resource, especially since it is free.

A website that helps candidates and recruiters find each other. Thanks to a convenient system, the service collects information about the candidate and shows them only relevant ads from recruiters, which increases the chances of a win-win for both sides.

If you want to focus on the development of diversity & inclusion policy, be sure to pay attention to this job board dedicated to job search for female applicants. There are several options for job placement for recruiters, including an extended paid version.

Another great job board for international candidate search. The resource focuses on tech recruitment, so this is a real paradise for an IT recruiter :) The only point is that the placement of job openings is paid, but the prices are quite marketable, plus you can choose from several tariff plans suitable specifically for your needs.

A timeless classic. You can post vacancies for your company, including for novice teams.

Take a closer look if you are interested in hiring junior talents or you have vacancies for internships: this job board is dedicated to finding a job for graduates who are just starting their career path. Again, there are several tariff plans for posting job openings, from which you can choose the one that suits you personally.

Now is the time to try out the resources in action and find the best candidates :) And our tech recruitment agency wishes you quick responses and accepted offers!

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