Lucky Hunter Celebrates the 2nd Anniversary: Summing up the Results of the Year and Sharing the News!

Two years ago, a small agency was opened. Its founder - Tatyana Melnichuk - named it Lucky Hunter. Now we know for sure: this name is the perfect choice for our team. We are true lucky ones in the recruiting world who achieve everything thanks to hard and meticulous work.

During this seemingly short period, we achieved great success: opened our own office, entered the international market and started working with the largest clients in the tech world.

But first things first: let's sum up the results and tell you what we achieved within a year of work.


Imagine: you have a small company. At the beginning, you have only a few clients to whom you are trying to provide a top-level service. And you succeed: you hear most heartfelt thanks, see how you alter people's lives for the better and feel that your client is already a partnerwith whom you are bound by something bigger than a simple business deal. And with each new client, we start loving our profession even more.

This year has brought us even more wonderful customers. Among them are:

  • Epam Systems
    A global product development, digital platform engineering and product design agency.
  • Avito
    A Russian online classified advertisements website.
  • Botkin
    A platform for the medical information analysis which helps to diagnose lumps at the early stages
  • Banzai Games
    A game development company.
  • Veeam Software
    One of the leaders in Cloud Data Management.
  • Paydek
    A British electronic payment system.
  • DBeaver
    A free, open source multiplatform database management tool and SQL client for developers and database administrators.
  • Appfollow
    A Finnish company which helps to promote an app or mobile game in the app stores.
This isn't a complete list of clients with whom we managed to work together in the outgoing year. We hope that we'll be able to maintain such a warm and steady relationship for many years to come. We know for sure: united we are strong! :)

By finding new customers, we actively cooperate with long-time ones. In this summer, our team celebrated a year of collaboration with Yandex and built a close relationship with the travel agency Kupibilet. It's great to be part of such cool companies. We are sure that we'll win many summits together!


In just a year, the Lucky Hunter team went up one-and-a-half times! Five IT Recruiters, an IT Researcher, a lawyer, a Document Control Coordinator, a Content Manager (yes, the one who is writing this article for you) an Accountant and the head's Personal Assistant (and how we've been working without her before?) are now working at Lucky Hunter.

This means that there are now a few lucky ones more in the world. We've made a united, strong and mega-cool team. In 2020 we'll win the Everest top, hold onto your hat! :)
Team. IT recruitment agency for recruiting technoloy specialists for companies hiring developers Lucky Hunter


During this year we managed to work in three places: our favourite coworking closed, so we moved to another. As time passed, it became quite packed there because we were growing actively. That's why we decided: the time for our own office has come.

Now we are working in a spacious and comfortable office in the centre of St. Petersburg. We have everything there: a meeting room, delicacies and even a fashionable sofa! Want to feel the atmosphere? Come and see us!:)

Our address: Office 307, Naberezhnaya Reki Karpovki 5, St Petersburg, Russia


This year, on the basis of our company, we've launched a unique project for prototype creation which's called Zero2Hero. The project helps promising startups to launch products, and young and ambitious junior developers to quickly improve skills and CV.

In just six months of work, we've successfully built 5 prototypes: now startups have a chance to get investments, and our talented juniors will find work in a dream company.
Didn't hear about the project? Follow the link and learn more about Zero2Hero!


In 2019, we executed our boldest plan: we are opening an office in London. Lucky Hunter is breaking new ground: enters new markets, finds still more cool customers and interesting cases. Expect news from us in the New Year!

In addition, our services have increased in demand, that's we'll slightly increase our prices.

And, of course, we'll continue to develop the Zero2Hero project: we'll find new partners represented by foreign startup incubators and private investors.

Dear friends, colleagues, customers! Thank you very much for being with us: you helped us to grow, survive fire and water, supported us and sincerely believed in our work! Without you, we wouldn't have achieved such a success.

Happy New Year and Merry Xmas! Wishing you great victories, good health, cool specialists. See you next year!

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