Which candidates does a recruiter work with?

4 personality types of candidates that a recruiter can meet
Every day of a recruiter is communication with candidates who are very different in character, background and personality type: someone is gushing with emotions, someone is sociable, someone, on the contrary, is self reserved, like they are at a tea party with the Queen of England :)

We thought that this was a great reason to make a selection of the personality types of candidates that occur most often. Scroll down and look for those with whom you have worked as a recruiter - and you may even recognize yourself in some types. :)

Very emotional gentleman

  • Active and impulsive
  • Often spills out on the interlocutor everything that he thinks and feels
    Especially if the topic of discussion is especially important to him and causes a deep emotional response — sometimes it may seem that this gentleman acts even a little aggressively.

How to communicate?

Keep in mind that Mr. Expression is prone to violent reactions — both positive and sometimes negative, whether it's worries about not receiving an offer or an unsuccessful interview. Listen to him, show empathy so that the candidate feels that you care and you empathize with his situation — this can make a solid foundation for further relationships, even if the experience with interviewing for a specific position ends unsuccessfully.

Winner of the "cry me a river" nomination

  • Melancholic as they are
  • Sensitive
    In our experience, there was a case when a candidate, unable to cope with emotions, cried during job interview; spoiler - everything ended well, the company made an offer anyway :)
  • Not very sociable
  • Often anxious and prone to doubts
    He can make a long choice between an old and a new place of work, think about accepting an offer and doubt his abilities while taking part in the selection for a vacant position.

How to communicate?

Not to push, but to make a choice in favor of tactics of support and a "strong shoulder". We have already written that the profession of a recruiter includes several jobs at once, one of which is a psychologist — it's time to use different psychological techniques in dealing with such a candidate :)

Inspire them (of course, consider each situation reasonably and do not offer the candidate to try themselves for a position that is definitely not suitable for them for a number of reasons), encourage and help them to find strengths in themselves to improve the level of self-confidence. Conduct communication delicately, provide up-to-date and clear information (the candidate will have less reasons to worry), and handle objections competently.

Nice guy

  • Often as emotional as a very emotional gentleman
  • Cheerful and optimistic
  • Likes jokes
    Often jokes during negotiations with recruiters, sometimes sends funny memes in chats.
  • Sociable, easygoing and open minded
    These types ion character often help themto make a good impression at interviews.

How to communicate?

Do not forget to direct the energy of "your own in the board" in the right direction - sometimes, behind all the jokes, initiative and enthusiasm, organizational processes suffer: the candidate cannot always get in touch on time or meet pre-agreed deadlines.

Mr. Calm

  • Calm
    Don't worry, they never ruin the walls in rage. They are not moody and have no burden of human passions.
  • Peaceful

How to communicate?

Sometimes Mr. Calm is a little too passive; at the right moment it is worth showing a little more initiative to push him to take decisive steps - especially if it concerns the final stage of the interview or acceptance of the offer :)

These are not all types of candidates that you can meet (or have probably already met on your recruiting path) — for example, sometimes it happens that a person's character is a mix of two types at once. Experiment with approaches and the key to the heart of even the most "difficult" candidate will be found!

Polina Barabanova
Content Manager at Lucky Hunter
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