What Types Of Employers Are There In Business?

You can find a great number of articles about the types of employers around the web. Such names as "Boor", "Despot", "Tyrant" are only a small part of those labels pinned on different leaders.

We've decided to approach the issue from an another perspective and classify employers in accordance with the methods of doing business, and not with personal qualities. In total, we've singled out five types of employers: a result-producer, an administrator, a businessman, a harmony-producer and an employer of mixed type. Perhaps in one of these types you will see yourself!


The main feature of this type of boss is to drive the nail to the head and manage all the tasks well. A result-producer doesn't like to think about global processes and can't construct business strategies. This is too boring.
Paperwork and organizational processes attract a result-producer no more than strategy planning. Indeed, it doesn't show a clear result. Therefore, at conferences and other events aimed at discussing a particular problem, a result-producer may accidentally doze off.
Duty delegation is not typical for this type of employer. He is absolutely sure that only he can cope with the task. A result-producer by his nature is a loner. He tries to solve all issues on his own. Therefore, a result-producer often stays behind after hours.

What to do if you are a result-producer?

  • 1
    Do not be afraid to delegate tasks. Often it seems that only you are able to cope with work, but that's not always the case. To control processes and train your employees is equally impressive. Try it.
  • 2
    Think ahead. Business strategy is very important, you need to be able to construct long-term planning to achieve more effective results.
  • 3
    Permit yourself some rest. At least sometimes. This is useful not only for you, but also for your subordinates.


Excellent organizational skills, ability to plan and lack of flexibility are the main characteristics of an administrator. This type of boss is well-versed in documentation, is able to systematize information and skillfully split up the work among employees. An administrator is pedantic, always neat and tidy.
The administrator is unemotional and sometimes is more like a robot than a living person. Real jam for an administrator is a clear performance to the plan. If something goes wrong, the administrator is lost and even has brain freeze. Force-majeure circumstances can easily throw an administrator off his stride.
Unlike the first type of boss, the administrator doesn't think about the results. The most important thing is the order in the processes. Sometimes the administrator may be too picky, because he is too worried about the quality of work.

What to do if you are an administrator?

  • 1
    Take a chance. Stability in business is good, but at the same time there is no development. Everything that doesn't develop, ultimately collapses. Do not be afraid to be a little spontaneous.
  • 2
    Be flexible. Sometimes you need to change your course to improve the efficiency of business processes of the company. And don't scold your subordinates, if something went wrong. This is not as critical as it may seem at first glance.
  • 3
    Think about the results. Each work must have visible end goals.


Sometimes this type of employer is also called an entrepreneur. This is a charismatic, self-confident type of boss. A businessman has always everything the best: a car, watch, a suit. He is a star. He knows how to run a business and does an excellent job.

A businessman is always full of new ideas and strives for continuous development. Stability is not for him, even if the business is successful. Therefore, the ability to take risks and change the course is the main feature of this type of employer.
A businessman is synonymous with an energizer, a battery or an eternal engine. He get used to achieving his goals and never stopping. Constant development, flexibility, creativity - these are the main characteristics of a businessman.
A businessman energizes his subordinates, motivates them to implement new features in business and be risky. Some people may think that it is quite difficult to work with such a person but we strongly believe that you just need to find a special approach to such an energetic person.

What to do if you are a businessman?

  • 1
    Analyze every new idea. Think about the idea for a couple of days and don't try to realize it as soon as possible. Not always the first thought is successful. Think things through.
  • 2
    Consult your employees. Discuss ideas and respect their feedback.
  • 3
    Be less emotional.


For a harmonizer, the main thing in work is finding compromises. The harmonizer discusses any change in the company with the team. They feel like a part of the team and will do everything to make the team feel good.

As the harmonizer tries to find compromises and create a pleasant atmosphere, any change is stressful for a harmonizer. After all, they can upset the balance and worsen what the harmonizer has worked so hard to create.
You're very much at home with the harmonizer. The happiness of each employee for the harmonizer is his personal responsibility.

What to do if you are a harmony-producer?

  • 1
    Try to make decisions independently. Sometimes it is useful.
  • 2
    Don't worry if someone criticizes you. Hear both sides of the case, analyze and use your own best judgment. It is not necessary to defer to employees opinion all the time.
  • 3
    Think about business processes and strategies more often. By developing a business, you thereby make your subordinates even happier.

Mixed type

All the types of employers are conditional. Each boss can combine several types at once, and that's great! Only a combination of these types will lead to a proper result and help to organize work in the company correctly.

Try to combine the positive features of each type and find balance. When thinking about the results, don't forget about the processes, and vice versa. Carried away by a new idea, don't forget to consult your employees, but don' t overleap yourself. After all, you are the "pilot-captain."

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