Which Companies don't Tech Specialists Want to Get Hired at?

We all know about Google or Facebook: a huge number of tech specialists are dreaming of joining their team. This is logical: excellent conditions, decent salaries, prestige. Nevertheless, even such tech giants constantly search for new employees as the IT market is too undersupplied.

We constantly tell you: when working in the tech industry, always remember that IT market is a candidate's market, and you'll have to compete for an accepted offer. Unfortunately, some companies initially lose the contest for the candidate.

In this article, we show you a list of companies that are undesirable for IT professionals and give you some tips for hiring.

No-name company

Even your competitors haven't heard of your company? Is there no information about your company on the Internet and you didn't create social media accounts? If your answer to the questions is "yes", we have two news for you: good and bad.
  • Good news
    Tech candidates consider offers of no-name companies, but only if the company offers decent conditions and skillfully assuages the candidates' doubts (and there will always be doubts) about the position.
  • Bad news
    You're uncompetitive. We are not saying that only large recognizable brands like Booking.com or Amazon are able to hire tech staff. Not a bit. We are talking about the fact that you'll have to adjust the requirements so that the market responds positively to your job opening. You can offer a higher salary, offer a remote position, diversify the project with interesting features.
When recruiting tech specialists for a no-name company, remember a simple truth: you are "fighting" for candidates, not them. This rule applies to all companies hiring IT professionals, but it's unflinching for no-name companies.
In addition, some no-name companies suppress information about their projects or the team till the last, and sometimes even refuse to say the company's name. This approach makes the chances of successful hiring close to zero. IT-specialists work only for reliable companies (we think, like all specialists, by the way).

My company has an NDA policy. What to do?

Think: is NDA policy appropriate in your case? Maybe it's worth providing more available information, especially if you haven't been able to find a candidate for more than a month?

An opening from an unknown company, which, moreover, doesn't reveal information about the policy and the project, is a pig in a poke for the candidate. A rare specialist wants to waste their time talking with a company about which they know nothing especially if they can easily accept another offer.
According to our experience of cooperation with no-name companies, candidates, as a rule, refuse to consider such offers accepting more attractive ones.

Startups without killer-feature

Hiring IT specialists for a startup is hell of a challenge, and if a startup doesn't have a killer feature, it's a Tom Cruise style mission. The lack of a clear business model and a vague idea of the project alienates almost any IT professional.

What to do?

  • Requirements
    Set minimum requirements. For example, consider candidates of a junior + level. If you have the funds, offer a good salary and (not or) share in the project.
  • Idea
    Think about how you can improve your idea. After all, a startup without a killer feature is like the cobbler who always wears the worst shoes.
  • Prototype
    Before hiring tech specialists, build a prototype that will test the viability of your project. With a valid hypothesis, you'll have solid arguments during interview with IT professionals.

Cryptocurrency startup

Cryptocurrency startups take individual place in the list of controversial companies. Over the past two or three years, a huge number of these projects has been launched, so specialists have lost interest in blockchain technologies.

The rapid growth of crypto projects has caused high competition among them, and therefore, several times increased the risk of failure. Many IT specialists aren't ready for such instability, provided that corporations have actively started developing crypto technologies in recent years.
If your project is related to cryptocurrency and hasn't taken a stable position on the market yet, try to make your working conditions as attractive as possible.
Also, take it for granted that an experienced professional is always on a passive job search. The market will definitely offer something better than you can.

Therefore, strive to constantly improve business, launch projects, motivate your specialists, and maybe your Senior will take the position of the Team Leader in a couple of years.
Your approach is also important: great if you evaluate your capabilities adequately. By adequacy we mean - a decent salary, openness and honesty with candidates, speed of recruitment, understanding of the market realities.

A company with an ill fame

At Lucky Hunter, we often hear from candidates that the main reason for rejection is unclear reviews about the company. We understand that it's impossible to please everyone, especially if you have a large company. But this doesn't mean at all that you should let things rip.

Reply to all reviews, build your HR branding strategy, give feedback to all candidates, even those who you refused to. Do everything to associate your company name with a pleasant place of work.
By the way, recently Digital Marketer Kelly Barcelos, who specializes in HR, has written an article for the Lucky Hunter blog on how to elevate the company's HR strategy. We think it will be useful for you to read.

Some more deterrent conditions

Fortunately, the list of "dubious" companies is very small. Unfortunately, there are a few other points in the job requirements that put candidates on their guard.
  • 1
    The presence of a test assignment (any, even for half an hour);
  • 2
    Salary that doesn't match the market and required skills;
  • 3
    Company activities that raise questions (online casinos, websites for adults, etc.).
Try to avoid any candidates' misunderstandings, write an attractive job description and always remember that the IT market is the candidate's market.

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