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Recently we've told you about how we are going through the period of isolation and a spiraling economic crisis. Briefly reminding you: we actively search for new clients while continuing to work with regular ones; work remotely, but get pleasant surprises from our Tanya right to our home; consolidating team spirit, we wish each other a happy birthday; change our work strategy a bit, making more and more publications in international media.

In the article read about what's going on at Lucky Hunter right now:)

What's going on at Lucky Hunter
right now?


We've already told you that we miss each other very much, and it just happened that two of our lucky ones have recently celebrated their birthdays. We couldn't give these events a second glance: we organized small meetings in celebration of birthdays.

On the birthday of our IT-recruiter Maria Reiimbaeva, we not only ate delicious pancakes for breakfast but also arranged a small photo session :)
And on May 9, in celebration of 25th anniversary, our Lead Recruiter Dasha invited the whole team to her house. We spent qualitytime: Dasha showed her collection of stained glass herbariums, which she'd put up for auction. All money raised she'll donate to the "Nochlezhka" street people fund.
P.S. We informed you about the auction on the pages of our social media. We hope that you've managed to purchase something for yourselves :) If not, don't take it so hard: Dasha organizes the auction every year, so carefully follow our news! You can see the collection here.


In October our team took a series of educational video cases on how to hire cool tech specialists in a short time. The public liked the idea so much that we decided to film the second part of the cases prepared for the international public.

Initially, we planned to make videos on the fifth of April, but life had other ideas: due to the pandemic, the filming had to be postponed to the end of the month.
At the moment, the material is on the editing stage, and very soon we will share with you our new cases. Follow our news :)
P.S. Until you start thinking that we are "hooligans" that break the isolation, we hasten to inform you that we observe all the precautionary measures: we use medical face masks and gloves, avoid public places, maintain a distance.


  • Despite the difficult times, we are trying to support a combative mood, organize rare, but great meetings, and believe that we'll be able to return to our cosy office soon.
  • In addition, we continue to work actively and therefore have achieved great results: March and April were the most successful in our company's history. The reason for success lies not only in the fact that we put every effort possible to our work but also in the fact that we support each other 24/7 because we understand that this is exactly what will help us do the impossible, even in the crisis times.
  • Success is exacting a heavy price, but we don't rest on our oars and do everything in our hands to ensure that the company thrives and continues to provide service at the highest possible level. A very important role plays the customers' feedback: clients continue to actively recommend our services to others, It's heartening to see that: we see the results of our work and get a lot of motivation to work even harder every day.


In addition to the fact that we plan to increase the company's amount of business, achieve best results and contact the largest clients in the IT industry, we are also actively working on the new project launch.

We are creating a special service for the search for IT-specialists. In the database, prepared by our team, there are already more than 70 thousand candidates' CVs that we carefully collected and checked. The service will be launched in a matter of weeks, so follow our news :)

Contact our agency: we'll help you find the best IT specialists within the shortest possible time! We have a flexible approach to working with clients, especially in new realities: you'll receive the first candidates' CVs within four days after the job opening discussion, and if you are an IT startup, we will definitely provide you with maximum discounts!

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