Where can you search for IT talents?

We go on talking about the nuances of IT personnel recruitment: if you missed our previous articles from this series, it's time to read how to get a candidate interested in your job opening and find a developer of your dream, as well as to learn what are the main stages of tech recruitment.

Today we will discuss where IT talents can be found, consider the key features of existing platforms and contractors and see in which cases it is better to use every method.

I need to hire IT staff — where should I search for tech talents?

The question of where and how IT personnel can be selected arises at the initial stages for almost everyone for whom the expansion of the team is relevant. So, there are several ways to search for candidates:
  • 1
    Specialized recruiting services — for example, Amazing Hiring;
  • 2
    Job boards (one of the most popular for the Western market is Indeed);
  • 3
    Thematic chats and channels in messengers, LinkedIn;
  • 4
    Cooperation with contractors — it can be a freelancer recruiter or an IT recruitment agency.
In fact, all the methods of finding IT personnel above can be divided into two main groups — independent selection and contacting a third-party contractor. Let's see in more detail each method of filling a job opening.

Is it possible to recruit IT staff on my own?

The answer is yes! Many companies prefer to fill job openings on their own and they succeed. As a rule, inhouse recruiters focus their search on several of the listed platforms and services at once in order to form a larger pool of candidates.

What difficulties may take place during the recruitment process? The main point that you need to be prepared for is that filling a job opening on your own may take longer than with cooperation with a contractor. This is partly due to the fact that absolutely all stages of selection are done by the inhouse recruiters of the company — from searching for CVs and conducting initial interviews to checking the test assignment (if the position involves its implementation), coordinating interviews with finalists and forming job offers. It turns out to be a huge piece of work, especially considering the fact that competition among candidates has increased recently — it takes a lot of time to select relevant CVs, with which it will be possible to move further.
In addition, there are other nuances that should be taken into account when you hire IT staff by your own — for example, information in recruiting platforms (e.g. Amazing Hiring) may be updated with a slight delay, so there is a risk of getting not quite up-to-date information about the current location of the candidate. This is especially relevant in the current conditions, when IT specialists often relocate from unstable regions — it is better to track the candidate's location on LinkedIn.
In case you need to find developers in CIS region, a good choice for finding IT talents is Telegram messenger. In Telegram, there are many thematic chats for various IT professions, where you can place your job opening and be sure that it will reach your target audience, which is especially useful in cases when you need to select IT personnel for fairly rare positions — for example, you need to hire a Golang developer.

In general, you should not be afraid of filling IT job openings on your own — if you see that you have enough resources, expertise and opportunities, try it. However, there is always a second way.

Recruitment of IT personnel: contacting a technical recruitment agency or working with freelancers

If you have made a choice in favor of contacting a third—party contractor, there are two most common ways — cooperation with an IT recruitment agency or a freelance recruiter. How are the differences?

The pro of the agency is that you can work with it to fill all the job openings of yours — in the case of a partnership with a freelancer, you will most likely have to involve several contractors at once, since one freelancer recruiter simply cannot cope with the entire vast of work, especially if there are more clients besides your company.

The IT recruitment agency has a department of recruiters, which allows them to effectively delegate tasks and perform quite extensive work in a short time, as well as provide a range of services — temp and permanent IT recruitment, executive search, consultations relocation for companies. The agency also has enough resources to conduct an effective search, since in addition to the recruiting platforms already listed above, they usually turn to their own database of candidates, consisting of relevant CVs of talented specialists of different profiles, including even rare ones.
In addition, it is easier to find reviews about a tech recruitment agency in order to understand the reliability of a contractor, and it is also easier to get acquainted with cases in the portfolio and current clients.
Expertise is also important — while working with an agency, the risk of insufficient qualifications of recruiters is reduced, since any IT recruitment agency that cares about reputation carefully selects employees, trains and develops them. High expertise should not be underestimated — it helps to fill even complex job openings in a short time and find candidates for specific requests. One of the most frequent reasons for contacting a technical recruitment agency is the need to find developers of a narrow profile and with a non-standard stack, therefore, the recruiter's expertise and ability to work with complex positions are of great importance for a quick and effective filling of the job opening.

The last point in order, but not in value, is guarantees. In the case of cooperation with freelancers, there may be difficulties with guarantees, while a tech recruitment agency, as a rule, provides a candidate replacement guarantee. The period may vary slightly — for example, our IT recruitment agency guarantees replacement of a candidate within 60 days after they start working.
In general, there is no universal recommendation whether to fill job openings by your own, using available platforms, or to contact contractors — make a decision flexibly based on your resources, the specifics of the job opening and the time frame in which it is necessary to fill it.

If you decide to entrust the recruitment of IT personnel to us, we will not disappoint you and will fill your job opening in one week. Are you ready to try it? Then leave an inquiry.

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