Why it is important to find a good recruiting partner for a startup at the very beginning

It is vital for any company to quickly and efficiently expand a team with skilled IT professionals, but it is especially important for startups.

Why? It matters for projects that are just starting their way to find their niche in the market, find investments, and develop and scale the product. All this is impossible without a well-coordinated and talented team. Therefore, in our new article, we talk about recruiting for startups in more detail.

Tech recruitment for startups: actual market situation

Usually, IT talents even in quieter times chose to favor more stable companies, and now, during the global crisis, many are even warier about working on start-up projects. Therefore, recruitment can be long and difficult — and cooperation with an IT recruiting agency can solve this problem.
So, the tech recruitment agency will do recruitment in the field of IT and search for developers of different profiles for your startup quickly and efficiently. As a rule, the agency knows the specifics of working with startups and plans how to competently formulate a strategy for finding and motivating candidates, and what to focus on during initial interviews.
For example, even though now many candidates fear that working in startups has become even riskier, the situation is not at all so pessimistic: on the contrary, as we wrote earlier, difficulties are now experienced rather by large corporations, which, due to their size and features of business processes, it is more difficult to quickly adapt to changes in the global market.
Small companies and startups, on the contrary, are actively developing, especially in certain regions: for example, in the UAE or the USA.
Thus, agency recruiters who regularly communicate with both candidates and employers and are aware of all the trends in the IT marketing market will be able to process candidates' objections and orient them according to the situation in the industry.

Why contact a tech staffing agency

Usually, IT talents even in quieter times chose to favor more stable companies, and now, during the global crisis, many are even warier about working on start-up projects. Therefore, recruitment can be long and difficult — and cooperation with an IT recruiting agency can solve this problem.


The formation of a strong offer is relevant even for large companies with a worldwide reputation. Therefore, if you want to be competitive in the IT hiring market, it is very important to create attractive conditions for candidates.

It is often difficult for founders, especially in start-up projects that have not previously engaged in technical recruitment, to orient themselves according to the market conditions of vacancies and the points that should be emphasized. In this case, an IT recruiting agency can help form a competitive job offer.
Do not think that a strong offer is always only about money, so it will be difficult for startups to compete with larger companies and larger budgets.
It stands to reason, market salaries are important, but it is always possible to find a compromise: for example, if the specifics of the position allow, look at novice specialists with lower salary expectations, or compensate for not very high salary forks with attractive bonuses — options, an interesting product, an international team, remote work, and other factors.
In this case, the technical recruitment agency will analyze the features of your startup and a specific position, and, if necessary, will help to form a competitive offer.
Also, an IT recruiting agency, in case needed, will guide you on how to build the selection process: for example, given that some candidates may have prejudices about working in startups, you can motivate them to take part in the selection, focusing not only on the strengths of the job opening but also on the minimum number of stages. So, it may be worth giving up the test task and limiting yourself to an initial interview with a recruiter and a technical one — with a representative of the company.

There are many different options and the IT recruitment agency, thanks to its expertise, will be able to help you decide on an effective candidate selection strategy specifically for your case.

Time and money

Two more reasons to take care of finding a permanent recruiting partner at the initial stages are the optimization of costs and your time. As you know, both of these points are among the most relevant problems for start-up projects: the staff is usually still small, and there are a lot of tasks, so it is often very difficult and expensive to allocate the required amount of resources for filling job openings, because specialized recruiting services, CRM and various tools are required, without which the selection will not be as effective.
Cooperation with the agency solves this problem because the agency takes full responsibility for the selection of IT talents. As a rule, an IT recruitment agency has its database of talented candidates of different profiles, which also speeds up the search process and, for example, finding an iOS developer or Android turns out to be much faster.
In addition, by cooperating with an agency, a startup frees itself from the need to spend on a full-time recruiter, which, often, start-up companies simply do not need: it is much cheaper and easier to make a one-time payment for agency services than to pay an employee's salary, as well as bear the costs of acquiring corporate access to various necessary services.

Again, many IT recruiting agencies (for example, Lucky Hunter) offer startups flexible terms of cooperation and a profitable system of discounts, because they understand how important it is to optimize costs for novice projects.

We hope that our article was useful and helped novice teams to orient themselves in the selection of IT personnel.

If your startup needs help in finding a mobile developer, recruiting staff in the IT field, and filling a job opening — leave a request and we will contact you!

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