Why it's better to work with one IT recruitment agency?

One tech recruitment agency vs the IT recruiting world
Exhausted candidates, writing angry emails to recruiters with the fury of a berserker, asking them never to invite them to interviews in a particular company again, the chaos reigning in the IT hiring market and the wrong impression that the company has a staff turnover and a million job openings are constantly open…

This is not a dystopia — it is an objective reality that can happen. Today we are talking about why it is not always worth working with several tech recruitment agencies at once, what it threatens and what nuances there occur, and also consider the reasons why it is better to choose one IT recruitment agency if you need to search developers and do tech staff recruitment.

Find IT talent: cooperation with one technology recruitment agency

It stands to reason, a lot depends on the size of the company — if large corporations can cooperate with more than one tech recruitment agency, then in the case of small companies it makes almost no sense — even if there are many job openings exist for different streams, an IT recruitment agency can throw several teams consisting of tech recruiters and IT sourcing specialists at once, which allows you to conduct quite a large-scale search.

Other prons for a client to work with one agency: You already know each other well, understand how to effectively organize the workflow, and can agree on terms that are convenient for both sides. The agency tech recruiters understand the specifics of your company specifically, interact closely with inhouse recruiters, which further enhances your recruiting in general. If you do not have an internal recruiting department, the agency's IT recruiters take it entirely upon themselves — again, with efficient work with one IT recruitment agency, it is possible to organize all points more precisely and effectively.

This is especially important and noticeable if a technology recruitment agency works with hiring managers or inhouse recruiters companies without any account managers, which you can often face up in various agencies: working in such tandem allows you to clarify at the initial stage all the important nuances and specifics of a particular position, and discuss the job opening "by word of mouth" from the hiring manager.
Even if it is difficult to catch a hiring manager (this is a very common phenomenon, especially in large companies), the close work of the agency's technical recruiter with an inhouse recruiter already working in these positions will be more effective for both sides than communication through the account manager, which usually complicates entire processes.

Cooperation with several tech recruitment agency

As we wrote above, the size of the company often plays a vital role — large enterprises with hundreds of open positions are more likely to apply to several contractors for the search. Therefore, if a huge company needs to search developers and hire tech staff by specific regions or separate profiles, the option of working with several IT recruitment agencies will be logical.

The separation of search streams between different agencies really matters a lot in such cases, so as not to create artificial competition between them and not to ping the same candidates. How can such situations be dangerous?

Firstly, a lot of technical recruiters will simply drop a ton of emails on candidates, which will negatively affect their willingness to continue the dialogue. In cases with large companies, situations often arise when an IT professional asks to exclude them from the company's database, receiving too many offers for its vacancies.

Secondly, partnership (especially uncontrolled) with a lot of tech recruiters can create a false impression of the company among potential candidates: it will seem to them that for some reason the company is experiencing a constant shortage of personnel and too often opens more and more new positions. It also harms the formation of a good HR brand of the company in the hiring market.
When working with candidates, if we are talking about several IT recruitment agencies, it is also necessary to carefully guide each of them and not lose at any of the stages.
In our practice, candidates often say that they would not mind considering a job opening of a particular company, but had negative experience of interaction in the past — for example, IT recruiters, after initiating communication with candidates, at some point suddenly stopped being in touch. To avoid such incidents, it is important to conduct all processes especially clearly.

Payment to the agency for the IT talents recruitment

As a rule, if you work with more than one IT recruitment agency, payment is still made only when the candidate starts working. When working with freelancers, sometimes there are other schemes — for example, payment of 50% at the start date of the candidate and 50% after passing the probationary period.

Nevertheless, in working with IT agencies, this happens less often: this is due to a completely different scale — a tech recruitment agency searches for a developer and selects technical personnel in the IT field at a slightly different level, uses more resources, and also often have higher expertise, focusing more deeply on the specifics of various IT professions.

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