IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter: choosing a contractor for IT recruiting

Now our search geography is actively expanding and new customers from different countries are appearing. Therefore, we decided to write a fresh article-acquaintance: we will briefly tell you who we are and how we can help your business, describe the key stages of finding IT personnel, as well as the types of companies with which we cooperate or do not cooperate.

Tech recruitment

We are an international IT recruitment agency Lucky Hunter. For more than five years we have been successfully recruiting IT personnel and searching for software developers for a variety of IT projects.

Nevertheless, recruitment in the field of IT is not our only service. We also help companies find experienced managers in top positions, carry out any IT market research at the request of the client and provide consultations for companies on the relocation of business and team. Depending on your goals and objectives, you can order from us both one service and a complex: for example, analytics of salaries of IT professionals on the profiles you are interested in and further search for developers.

IT recruiting: stages

How do we work? To make the IT recruitment process more transparent for you, we have published a series of articles about the main stages of IT recruiting, as well as the specifics of IT personnel selection.

In general, it looks something like this: after receiving an application from you to search for IT talents, we contact you to coordinate a call acquaintance. Such a call is a great chance for both sides to get to know each other better, to orient themselves on goals and objectives, as well as to determine how close we are in spirit and whether cooperation will be comfortable.
In IT recruiting, the principle of partnership and a similar view of cooperation is really important, so our IT recruitment agency is very sensitive to this and prefers cooperation with those with whom we have chemistry — and, thanks to this, we successfully fill 100% of the vacancies that we take to work.
If everything went well on the first call and we mutually liked each other, we sign a contract, discuss vacancies and start looking for developers. Our IT recruiters take care of the entire initial selection: work with resumes, send relevant CV's to you on a namecheck, conduct initial interviews, coordinate further meetings with company representatives, and assist in making an offer.

Also, if necessary, our IT recruiters can help in the process to identify bottlenecks in the selection of IT personnel and give advice on their optimization, for example, to refuse a voluminous test task in favor of life coding or simplify the selection stages so as not to lose interested candidates.

We work without prepayment: you pay for our services upon the candidate's exit from work. The cost may vary in each case depending on the timing, specifics of the position, and complexity, but on average it is 18% of the employee's annual income and from 30% in the case of executive search.

Also, realizing that in recruiting, as in any other field built on interaction with people, unforeseen cases sometimes arise, our IT recruitment agency offers guarantees. The guarantee is the period in which we undertake to replace a specialist if cooperation with him did not work out. At the moment, this is 60 days from the moment the candidate starts working in your company. Nevertheless, we can proudly say that so far there have been no cases of replacement in our practice :)

Search for software developers: our clients

We work with any IT industry: from cybersecurity to game development. Our clients include both large international companies and startups. We love working with novice projects and are always ready to offer a flexible system of discounts.

Recruitment of IT personnel is possible anywhere in the world: we have a large database of IT specialists from different countries, so, as we like to say, the search for talent knows no boundaries.

IT recruitment: companies we don't cooperate with

We mentioned above the importance of the closeness of the spirit and a similar mindset. Therefore, our IT recruitment agency is very attentive to partnerships — for example, we do not work with state-owned companies of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

This decision is because, as a rule, we have different views on many business processes, as well as different points of view on global world events. In addition to the similarity of the mindset, we also need comfortable vacancy conditions for candidates: at the moment, most IT specialists have a negative attitude to cooperation with state corporations from the Russian Federation. This is due not only to the external difficult situation but also to difficulties with registration and receipt of payment from such companies.

Considering how important it is for us to be on the same wavelength as the customer, we usually refuse to cooperate in such cases. This happens: but if for some reason you and us did not coincide in spirit, surely your ideal IT recruitment agency is also looking for you somewhere and you will meet!

Is the tech recruitment relevant to you and do you want to get to know each other better? We will be happy to coordinate the call, learn more about you and discuss your case. Fill out the application and we will contact you!

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