Technical recruitment from an IT recruitment agency: objections and answers

“I don't want to work with agencies!” — for all the time of our practice in IT recruiting, we have heard this more than once. Someone thinks that they can do everything themselves, someone thinks that an IT recruiting agency just wants to sell them air, and someone is completely wary of any contractors.

The agency may sound like something creepy and incomprehensible, however, we assure you, everything is not so scary at all. Moreover, sometimes you really can't do without the help of an IT recruitment agency, and in this article, we will tell you why, as well as analyze the most popular objections that are often encountered when it comes to attracting an IT recruitment agency.

It's expensive!

In fact, it depends on how you look at it. No, seriously: of course, if you operate with the expression “N% of the annual salary of a specialist”, then at first glance it may seem expensive. However, if we compare the amount for the IT recruitment service with the costs of maintaining the in-house recruiting department and paying for all necessary expenses (CRM, recruiting services, etc.), then it turns out to be much cheaper to make a one-time payment to the agency upon the specialist starts working. We wrote about this in more detail in the article.

In addition, the price of recruitment services in the IT field consists of factors such as the expertise of recruiters, the speed of work, the specifics of the position, and the resources spent — if you have a lot of vacancies, then the agency has the opportunity to bring the whole teams for filling your job openings (for example, lead recruiter, junior recruiter, researcher), which affects the efficiency of work.

I have no idea what I will get for my money!

As a rule, agencies have their database of candidates, made over the years. For example, in our company, there are skilled and experienced candidates of even the rarest IT specializations from different countries of the world.

Agency recruiters are also looking for candidates suitable for your requirements on specialized resources — LinkedIn, job boards, recruitment services AmazingHiring, etc. During the initial selection, recruiters look at how the candidate fits the client's company not only by professional background, but also by soft skills, prepare detailed feedback for the client, and move on only with those candidates who have passed the primary stage.
In addition, usually, IT recruiting agencies do not take an advance payment for their services — you make the payment upon the candidate's start.
So no cat in the bag: plus, some agencies are also ready to provide a guarantee of a free replacement of the candidate, which is fixed in the contract. For example, in Lucky Hunter, this is 60 days from the moment the candidate starts working for you.

Some kind of air haggling, money is wasted!

The competition in the IT hiring market is very strong. Therefore, if an IT recruiting agency wants not only to survive but also to develop, the quality of the service provided is very important. This also affects the reputation, which in the IT industry decides, if not everything, then a lot. IT recruiting is exactly the field where you definitely won't be able to trade air.

For these reasons, IT recruitment agencies are very sensitive to the expertise of their recruiters and thorough knowledge of the market and the IT sector as a whole, and also pay great attention to the level of their services, because they are interested in long-term partnerships and building strong productive relationships with customers.
So, we are always proud to say that most of our customers stay with us for a long time and recommend us to their colleagues, thanks to which a fairly large percentage of customers come to us on the recommendation.

You are just trying to convince others that you are better than inhouse recruiting

No, we are not pursuing such a goal. Moreover, we know perfectly well that in-house recruiting is also very productive. We often work with large companies that have a large staff of internal recruiters.
Agencies can work perfectly in conjunction with the in-house recruiting department — this usually happens in companies with a large number of vacancies.
Thanks to effective cooperation, internal and external recruiters fill the positions even faster and better.

Therefore, we do not want to convince you that it is necessary to abandon in-house recruiting: it's just that each case is individual, and when making a decision, it is necessary to take into account all the input data. For example, if you have a startup, there is not so much work for an in-house recruiter and you are trying to optimize costs, it makes sense to look towards cooperation with the agency because in a particular case, it will be more effective.

What is your agency anyway?

An IT recruitment agency is a team of recruiters who help to fill your vacancies. For example, if you do not have in-house recruiting, or you do not see the point of hiring a special employee for this position, because the amount of work is not so large, or you just want to strengthen internal recruiting.

All this can be done with the help of a recruitment IT agency:
  • 1
    They will offer to hold an acquaintance call, where both parties will be able to get to know each other better and ask all the questions they are interested in, agree on conditions, discuss a job opening and agree on further steps.
  • 2
    After that, if your views on the processes and the overall vision coincide, it will be necessary to sign a contract and the agency will start working — as a rule, the first relevant resumes will be sent to you by namecheck within 4-5 working days.
  • 3
    After that, if it is possible to move on with the candidate, the agency's recruiters will conduct an initial interview, share feedback, and, in case of a positive result, help coordinate further interviews with a representative of your company: for example, a service station or a team leader of a team that requires an employee. If the long-awaited match happens, the agency will also help, if necessary, to form an offer for the finalist.

If we managed to convince you that agencies are not enemies, but allies and partners, leave a request :) We will contact you shortly to discuss your case and get to know you better.

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